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It’s a fun way to learn cello online. It’s an Online Cello Resource for Young Cellists, their Teachers and Parents.

Example: Song No.1 – The Magic Closet

♪ Listen to the recording ↓

♪ Sheet Music Preview ↓


Practice with piano accompaniment ↓

Song No.1 – The Magic Closet, piano accompaniment♩=68

Song No.1 – The Magic Closet, piano accompaniment♩= 78

PS: Practice with piano accompaniment. Choose your tempo above.

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Your students will improve faster

All the pieces  come in multimedia contents:

  1. real cello recordings
  2. real piano accompaniment
  3. visual preview of the cello sheet music
  4. preparatory exercises to help you master the piece
  5. downloadable cello & accompaniment sheet music
  6. professional guidance
  7. pupils can practice with piano accompaniment every day

Manny free cello goodies

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Value of similar products  – pieces and etudes for cello, piano accompaniment and live recordings – can add up to more than 50€!

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