Črt Sojar Voglar, composer

Črt Sojar Voglar

“Does nowadays each composer create music? No. Should he? Not necessarily. However, he should be attentive to the definition of the word “music” itself. It can by no means encompass all sounds that surround us. From the beginning of time to the present day music has featured three principal foundations without which it cannot exist: melody, rhythm and harmony. Whoever does not use of these elements, does not write music, although he is creating something – composing. How can we today make use of these very elements originally as possible, without falling into the trap of too exaggerated eclecticism or mere experimenting? (trans. Marina Horak)
The principal content of my music is a test of listener’s psychological understanding of sonic colours. In theoretical sense, my music is dissonant. However, it is accessible to most of the listeners. I favor short, condensed forms and try to create as much inner drama to give the listener intense musical experience.”

Quote from: www.crt.sojar.voglar.si