Songs for my Cello, by Črt Sojar Voglar

I am very happy to announce, that one of the leading Slovenian composers Črt Sojar Voglar has written wonderful little concert pieces for young cellists, entitled “Songs for my Cello”.


As a cello teacher I can say, that there has always been a lack of these kind of compositions and this contribution will certainly be a significant one.

Compositions come with live recordings and short preparatory exercises, so the young cellist can develop proper hearing perception and master the technical difficulties.

The Pieces were originally written for his daughter Eva, who is currently an aspiring young cellist herself.

Interesting Song Titles

Originally, the pieces were titled “Song for Eva no.1 etc.”, and after the authors consent, I added a bit more imaginative titles, so the young cellists could use their imagination and relate to the pieces on a more personal level.

Here is a playlist of all the Pieces for my Cello

You can read more about Črt Sojar Voglar.

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